An Ordinary Day

Just like any other day, I pushed myself out of bed thinking of how it would be great if I just skip going to work today. I went far picturing myself laying over the couch wearing pajamas with a huge bowl of potato chips and some large Pepsi right close to my hand reach. The idea itself made me smile. I got dressed in less than 15 minutes having everything packed in my giant bag. I waved my mother telling her am leaving and asking for her blessings.

Nothing seemed special this morning. Kids were hanging around before the school’s bells ring, cars were speeding everywhere, even taxis’ drivers who were pushing my buttons by this stinky habit of getting their heads out the window and start appealing to get you a ride,  hawkers were yelling for their goods. “For god’s sake who would buy a potato peeler on his way to work?”.

As I approached the bus stop, I got convinced I won’t make it to the office on time. The queue was unbelievable. Hundreds were desperately waiting for the supernatural bus that would lift them all at once. “okay, let’s have fun” I said to myself. So as usual I scanned the place criticizing others’ attitude and appearance as well. Not that I am perfect, but some people can easily irritate you by their outfits or the way they behave. In fact I have already marked couple of girls to monitor their daily habits. I enjoy staring at them as the first sounds old-fashioned somehow; she wears plain long shirts most the time with a suitable pants that match her shirts. While the other girl, I assume she’s her friend, is the exact opposite! The last thing she may worry about is being conservative; I used to get distracted by her style as she really knows how to get all the attention.

You may think “what’s wrong with them being friends?!” but deep inside I knew something was just not going right! Those two girls have nothing in common, not only in appearance but also the charisma. The old-fashioned girl is a complete nerdy, never talk or look around her. She looks so quiet that I can easily tell she’s one hell of a boring friend. On the contrary her friend seems so much fun. She’s that kind of girls who could bring a smile to your face just being around. Seeing them together got me intrigued by this weird relationship until the missing part showed up. A young sexy male headed to them with a smirk on his pretty face. As he got closer, the nerdy girl looked him in the eye “where the hell have you been? We were waiting for so long you know!” she said half whispered half yelled. “Now don’t tell me they are mates? She’s completely out of his league.” I thought shaking my head in denial. Few minutes later he put his hand on the nerdy’s shoulder and said sheeplshy “I couldn’t help it sister, you already know I am not a morning person”. My mind was processing intensely; I hoped the bus won’t arrive before I reveal this little mystery. I needed to prove my point.

Not much after that, I had the picture clear. The stylish girl was secretly giving her friend’s brother those flirty looks with her eyes twinkling. “OMG, she is so into him! I know exactly what a girl feels looking such way at the guy she likes” I said to myself totally surprised. What happened that morning has proven my point so well. ~Life is just about common interests~


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