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Well, check and see

Conspiracy of Silence


Be a part of nowhere and listen to your inner fear

Fear the conspiracy of silence delivering misery & cheer 

Cheer for the blindness that built a shield, black but crystal clear

Clear your mind, your soul, your heart and your wounds’ tear

Tear up the cold harmony of your diabolical shameless wear

Wear the darkened dreads on your sleeve, the pain you can’t bear



It is when you fail and fall and growl for your inner threatened powers, and when you start to stagger and shiver and quiver the breeze of September…

It is when your voice fades and flees and weakens your soft breaths, leaving you bare to blacken thoughts as swords of madness reaping and sweeping memories then make you weeping…

It is when salted tears ignite your wounds and they start to swing on the ache tunes and scatter and shatter and flatter those who grant you hatred

It is when you die silently

It is when you cry violently

It is when you crave insanity

 All in all it is when you create and state and grate and wait then negate and hate and sate your dissolved desires all the way through a stuffed-with-joy pie in a plate.

Black Leaves

Black leaves are falling..
Though great fears are drowning..
Seeking nowhere..
As they descend gently down earth..
Left the charm, eluded from destiny…
Fearless behave
And then… 
The undesired path, The blowing..
Hit the ground..
The harsh irreality of the incoming birth..
No one impelled to be brave!
No one knew you would crave!
No one evades falling in a grave!


My Faithful Mirror

He was here standing by the shades
And I were the veil of shallow deceit 
He enjoyed being my faithful mirror
Reflecting only what I show as well 
Grieving all night for my poisoned heat 
Feeding on lies I used to tell

One day I gave him a swinging ring
Then I became so envious, the blind retreat,
Wrecked it with tiny selfish hands
And why am whining, why I feel him in my veins
Like a mill feels sorry for the wheat

Eventually, he enjoyed being my faithful mirror


No Title Yet!!

To you with those vicious, malicious eyes,

I can read you..

I hear the echoes of your wicked smiles

When they pass through..

A magic aura covers your lies,

Keeps telling me things I knew..

Always giving birth to new allies,

In my eyes they have never been new..

Didn’t you feel the unseen cries?

Black flames tainted by a dark red hue?..

How many times you won the prize?

How many times you went home blue?..

I needed to count the (HOW)s & (WHY)s,

Before i score out the (I)s you once drew…