Sun rays shone brighter

Oh, why?” they asked though deep inside they don’t even care what were your reasons and why you ended up hopeless.

It all started in May when mornings became sunny and relatively hot. People normally stop daydreaming about fresh start-ups and glowing future right after spring. For me, I wanted a change regardless of the hot promising weather. Changing job or maybe my thoughts! “Hello sun rays. I will shine brighter than you”.

Days went by, ups and downs. My downs were painful yet refreshing! After each failure I grow a different mask, develop a brand new characteristic, be more stubborn and enhance self-centered vibes. Well, I have only stated expected failures! Those predicted/destined to happen that you have just waited them to be. While the “devastated” phenomena implies in those unexpected failures.

You can never imagine how things may escalate in no time just as fire. You think you can take control of everything around you and move on that simple, when you get hit by more disappointments. I felt awful losing a job I quit willingly, a friend I intended to fail and an inner voice I shut off myself. Troubles would be lighter if told! “Oh, how I wish you were here”.

It’s July now! Surprisingly, nights are accompanied with a cold breeze delivers a really good taste to my burns. I, now, leave home with an average smile and honest intention to change one more time. I blow off blackened ghosts and shivering is my new habit.

They asked again “Oh, why?” well, sun rays shone brighter!


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