What is waiting?

Waiting is the most common activity we exercise daily. We spend most of our time in waiting and the rest of it asking to be waited! Waiting can be irritating as hell. It’s that thing you are forced to do unwillingly.

For example: we wait impatiently beside the coffee machine each morning to get that delicious hot liquid and give ourselves another 90 seconds before taking a sip of it. That’s I call a lovely waiting since you are positive you’re going to get what you’ve waited for, regardless of how much it lasts. That 90 seconds could be the longest period ever.

Another example of sweet waiting, when you lean against your car, look at your watch every single minute with the other hand busy in dialing your girlfriend number to hurry her up. Those moments are so damn good to forget. You are waiting just to see her wearing that classy dress you brought her. Each time you see her you feel like it’s the first time you both met, those moments worth to be wasted on waiting.

Let’s picture a mother delivering her first baby, she felt him growing up inside her, carried him, fed him, talked him and waited him day by day. She smiled at him in pain and never wanted to let him go. Now she’s standing at his wedding hoping to see her grandsons to carry them, feed them, talk them and wait them to grow up day by day. This is simply the circle of waiting.

For me, waiting is something close to a kid who’s setting at the table, prepared for dinner and fantasizing about that giant chocolate ice-cream resting in the fridge. He knows he shouldn’t have it till he finishes his vegetables but deep inside believes that’s not so convincing reason. “Why should I wait?? Why am not allowed to have it now where all I need to do is to step up and open the fridge?!!”  After an internal emotional crisis he decides not to have either vegetables or ice-cream. Sometimes giving up hope is easier than waiting nothing.


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