The 5 Whys

I used to ask myself this: “Do I have to care?” but never felt like finding an answer cause simply I know deep inside that I have to.

I don’t care” usually means “I DO care but I won’t let you know for a stupid reason which’s totally non of your business“.

Couple days ago, I chatted with someone I used to have a crush on but not anymore, I kept talking and talking for more than an hour. The first 20 minutes were about food and how I prefer quantity over quality in choosing any meal. The next 20 minutes I started to brag how I make a good cook and gave him a new recipe for Chocolate Sponge Cake. Then spent about half an hour wondering how people can consider “Insects” as a healthy meal! I thought I should give a good impression about myself regardless the fact that I have no interest in dating him anymore  “I guess we girls tend to impress not to express” but finally I ended up pushing him miles away! 

Here you the thing: I had a crush on that guy, things started to come up so I felt like turning off the heat under that pot. Then after a freak long conversation, BAAM! he sounded “not interested”! All I am saying How in hell I care of what he thinks of me? 

To relieve myself, I exercised a concept (methodology) in Quality Assurance related to corrective and preventive Actions” called “The 5 Whys

  1. Why I acted the way I did chatting to him?
  2. Why I’m trying to impress that guy?
  3. Why he is judging me?
  4. Why I feel so silly?
  5. And finally,  Why do I have to care? 

Once you list your 5 whys and answer them honestly, you will be 100% positive that you still care but less than before. 


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